Map Pilot Tutorial 2 - Map Pilot Settings

In this tutorial we'll focus mainly on the "Settings" icon in the lower right corner of the Map Pilot interface.  You'll be following along with the actual screen capture of my iPhone 8 and Map Pilot.  Before you start doing big things like planning missions and executing missions it's a good idea to get your initial app setup where you'd like it.  And that means a little time in the settings menu!

Getting the settings on Map Pilot ahead of time means you'll have an easier time at your mission location. Before heading out to any flight site (for fun or for commercial work), drone operators should make sure their drone is ready to go, batteries are charged, the drone has been inspected for flight worthiness, and any mission plans have been checked over. With that in mind, having your settings ready before heading into the field will save you time and help insure the quality of your flight.

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