Map Pilot Tutorial 1 - Introducing Map Pilot

Welcome to the first lesson for Map Pilot for beginners. This class will introduce drone operators to the aerial capture application Map Pilot.

In this first lecture we'll introduce Map Pilot and talk about what it is and isn't for. Map Pilot allows drone operators to create autonomous flight plans for the purpose of creating 2D and 3D models from drone images and data. When setup properly, Map Pilot is a very powerful data collection tool that can handle a variety of modeling and mapping drone flights. Map Pilot is not a model rendering software, it is strictly a tool for accurate image and data collection. In this lesson we'll show a model rendering software package called Metashape, and what the Map Pilot data put into it generated.

Please note - There was an issue with the green screen on this first lecture. It doesn't impact the course information, but looks a little odd on the instructor's shirt. For the follow up lessons the issue has been addressed.

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