A Drone Job Workflow From First Client Contact To Deliverables Presentation.

Drone Flight can be a lot of fun. It can also be a way to develop a new side business, or full time business for that matter.

How we approach our customer interactions, planning, flight execution, and data presentation, are topics that go well beyond just flying our drones. The fun flights end up taking a back seat to creating flight paths, executing flights to capture specific data, and finally providing that data to our clients. There's a lot that goes into each step, and that's why AZ Drone has developed its own workflow for our customers. Every job is unique, but we can streamline the process to make it easier on ourselves.

This class takes you through our normal job workflow. Topics you'll see here?

  • Initial Client Contact - What questions do we need answered? How will we work the job site? What does the customer expect in their final product?
  • Flight Planning - What tools will we need? What can we pre-plan? What needs to be addressed in the field?
  • Flight Execution - It's drone flight showtime! Capture still images, modeling images, video, 360 images, and more from the air. Have a plan for how each data set is captured, and execute our flights in a streamlined manner.
  • Post Processing - We've got the data. Now let's start making the components of our final deliverables. Edit video, edit images, setup 2D and 3D models. Get everything ready to share.
  • Final Deliverables - Now it's time to present our collected data. Do we dump it in Drop Box? Send our clients to 3 or 4 hosting sites for different deliverable components? Or do we create an online presentation with our final data in an easy to understand format?

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