7.4 AZ Drones Web Based Solution

Here at AZ Drone we realized early on that presentation is ever so important. Looking at my options a few years ago I found myself becoming frustrated. 3D models were shared on one web service. Still images were shared on another web service. Our 360 images needed a host that could display the 360s. And our videos had to be hosted on other service sites as well.

Bottom line, I had 4 or 5 different cloud based services that I needed to use. Should I send my clients a set of links. Use this link for video, use this link for stills, use this one for 360's. That just sounds like we're dumping the final presentation on our clients. That's not good.

In response to this situation I made a decision. Custom web pages for our clients that contain all of the links to the different cloud services we use. The videos are embedded into the page, same with the models, 360s, stills, and other deliverables. All of the relevant deliverables can be found in one place.

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