Create high quality virtual tours with Kuula

Welcome to our first course on 360 Degree Pano and Virtual Tour hosting companies. We're going to be starting out with a personal favorite provider, Kuula.

As virtual tours continue to expand in the imaging market space, some 360 Pano tools offer a great deal of features, and others not so much. Kuula is a great "mid-range" 360 hosting platforms that offers a lot of features at a reasonable price. And users are welcome to start a free account today that still offers a robust set of tools.

What will students see in this course? Read below!

  • We'll start with uploading our 360 images to Kuula
  • Students will be showed the overall Kuula interface
  • We'll build a tour from start to finish with interior 360s of an empty home for sale
  • Students will learn how to link one scene to the next
  • Students will see the additional features offered by Kuula
  • We'll check out the "Walk Through" mode and the "Click Anywhere" mode.
  • Students will be shown the wide variety of sharing options for a final virtual tour, including and MLS setting for real estate sales

With its ease of setup, and wide variety of tools, I'd say Kuula is a great choice for 360 photographers just starting out, and even more seasoned 360 photographers as well.

Please Note: This is not a class on shooting 360 panos, or on editing the initial images out of your camera. This class is all about creating and sharing your tours.

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Kuula 360 Virtual Tours

A full course on building a 360 Virtual Tour with

If you're interested in creating 360 Degree Photo Virtual Tours, Kuula is an easy to use yet powerful 360 Platform. From an easy to follow interface to robust sharing options, this is a great entry level 360 system for beginners and seasoned professionals alike!