Welcome To Our Drone Progression Reporting Bundle

This course bundle will help drone pilots interested in doing Construction Time Lapses and Progression Reports. The bundle includes our Litchi for Business Course, our Ground Station Pro for Beginners Course, and our Map Pilot for Beginners Course. Finally this bundle also includes our Drone Construction Progression Example Course. 4 Courses with a discount for students who would like to jump right in to offering this type of drone work.

Take a look at the results of our construction progression job!

Students who follow this video series through to its completion will have a good handle on how to start doing Drone Construction Progression Reporting. We'll go from the setup of flight missions for this job through to the final customer deliverables. Take a look at the video below!


A 4 Class Bundle Discount For Students - A 50 Percent Discount In Total For Over 11 Hours Of Content


Construction Progression Bundle - Litchi, Map Pilot, & Ground Station Pro For Construction Sites 2020

4 classes combined into a series. Learn about flight apps and their applications in Construction.

This class bundle helps students learn about flight apps that can be used in Drone Construction Progression Projects. After students have selected the apps they want to use in the field the Drone Construction Progression Example Course is culmination of this set of classes.

We'd suggest starting with the Litchi course, then Ground Station Pro, and finally Map Pilot before starting the Construction Progression course.