Welcome To Our 2D & 3D Drone Modeling Course Bundle For Beginners

For Drone Pilots just starting into doing 2D and 3D models with their drones.

This class introduces the concept of drone modeling for beginners. We start off with an overview of flight capture applications, then move on to examining modeling programs for desktop and the cloud. As drone modeling can become costly, we investigate reasonable solutions that don't break the bank.

After the intro to modeling we'll take a deep look at Ground Station Pro and Map Pilot from Maps Made Easy. Students will develop a good handle on how to fly their drones with model production in mind.

Finally we'll take a look at building models with Agisoft's Metashape.

What do I get in this bundle?

As explained in the video below, this course bundle includes 4 unique classes. Take a look at what's included in this bundle!

A 4 Class Bundle Discount For Students